Why we do what we do

“We are convinced that we are more successful as individuals and organisations when we find our own vocation. And if we can inspire others with it. This is why we get up a little earlier every morning: To support companies and brands in bringing their purpose to life with strong stories. So that it develops the power to move and become movement.”










How we do what we do.

“Our work is process-oriented and agile: Stories are alive and constantly evolving. Because we learn, because we receive feedback, because the world is evolving.”












Story Architecture


Why you need it:

  • Because without a clear construction plan the storytelling approaches in the company become too diverse and confused; there are too many stakeholders.
  • Because there is often a gap between the vision and its communication. A translation is needed.
  • Because storytelling approaches without strategic foundations lead to opportunistic communication measures.

What we deliver:

Story Strategy Playbook:

It provides the blueprint for the strategic communication of the company with Audience Profile, Setting, Framing, Task, Archetype and Content Architecture.





Story Design


Why you need it:

  • Because only with strong images, metaphors and texts will you be able to communicate a brand purpose, to let people experience it, to make it tangible and to touch people emotionally.
  • Because only the purpose experience develops the power to move people and to create a movement: The purpose does not only have to understood, but to be experienced.

What we deliver:

Definition of the building blocks of strategic communication:

  • Key Branding Elements (Logo, CI/CD)
  • Key Visuals (still/moving)
  • Key Tonality & Wordings
  • Messaging Framework


Story Design Playbook:

A working tool for all the storytellers in your company; it has the character of a simple manual, which shows how the blocks should be applied and what the roles of the different storytellers inside and outside the companies are.





Story Activation


Why you need it:

  • Because only by activating people will you create a movement.
  • Because only activation provides the conclusions that we need in a learning process.
  • Because we want to build relationships with different actors: For alignment, orientation, commitment.

What we deliver:

Application of the building blocks:

  • Content productions
  • Film/TV spots
  • Texts, Editorial
  • Digital advertising media, landing pages
  • Classical advertising media
  • Magazines, brochures
  • POS material



  • Internal Activation
  • Employer Brand Activation
  • Consumer Brand Activation
  • Performance Marketing (with WHAT.digital)










Our background:
A passionate engagement with theories



Cooperation with ZHAW Department of Psychology

By Heart is constantly and intensively engaged with various theories of brand psychology. This led to a collaboration with the ZHAW, Department of Psychology, in 2005, which continues to this day. One of the results of this collaboration is a National Fund research project (with Prof. Dr. Daniel Süss and Msc Gregor Waller), the aim of which was to make brand personalities measurable for our cultural and linguistic area. The project was able to validate a three-factor model and resulted in a new measurement instrument. Interested in the corresponding research report? Just ask me and I will send it: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








Archetype model


C.G. Jung’s archetype model may not be scientific in a modern sense, but it has always supported us in our work. The model possesses an inner logic and plausibility that is extremely helpful especially in consulting work: It can be worked with spontaneously and does not require any prior explanations. We have also taken the liberty of sharpening the model with regard to different story archetypes and we make frequent use of it.







Human Experience Circle

We like to speak of “experienceability” when we want to convey the purpose. In doing so, we must always distinguish between different dimensions of experiencability: Messages address very different areas in our brain and are therefore experienced in very different ways. Based on the theoretical work of Douglas A. Gentile and Carolyn Palmer, we have built ourselves an instrument that helps us to differentiate the dimensions of experience more systematically and thus to address them more specifically.







Source of inspiration


The book by Nobel Prize winner and economist Robert J. Shiller is an inspiration for anyone involved in strategic storytelling. With this book, Shiller underscores the urgency of understanding economics as a mirror and reflection of narratives that go far beyond economics in the narrower sense. What's nice is that, beyond this thesis, he also shows how it can be worked with.







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