What is it we have learned over the past 25 years?
We surely have learned
to redefine ourselves permanently.












Founded in 1994, By Heart has been constantly evolving over the past 25 years: towards new media, new narrative forms, more customer centricity. Together with ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) we intensively dealt with the further development and application of brand psychology theories and gained new instruments for our work.

However, what has proven to be a constant value throughout our history is our love for the craft of communication, image, photography, language, and great storytelling. Together with clients who have remained loyal to us, some for ten, some for even fifteen years.





Zurich, Zeltweg 26 in 1994; The founders of By Heart in clockwise order: Hans Siegwart, Ruth Arber, Niro and Markus Bircher








Leandra Waeber
Project Leader
Julian Scheidegger
Brand Story Designer
Markus Bircher
Brand Story Architect
Nicole Stark
Brand Story Producer
Regine Schoeller
Brand Story Publisher
Othmar Küng
Brand Story Architect
Florian Lechthaler
Operations Manager
Lukas Stadelmann
Innovation Designer
Lukas Mettler
Brand Story Architect
Luke Szkudlarek
Growth Engineer
Hans Siegwart
Brand Story Architect
Stephan Matzdorf
Design Thinker
Mario Colombo
Data Analyst
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