Use the power of purpose.


As Story Architects, we have been working with the so-called Why Statement for several years now and regard it as the basis of all successful strategic communication. It is therefore important to us to free the concept of Purpose from all the vagueness and ambiguity that we encounter in everyday life. On this occasion, this whitepaper was created: It shows in five theses how Purpose unfolds its power. And how you too can make Purpose a powerful instrument of transformation.


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We only do three things. But we do them with passion.



1 Story Architecture

The Construction Plan



Every effective story is built on a foundation that captures the central parameters of strategic communication: Unique Value Proposition, Audience Profile, Task, Story Archetype, Setting, Framing, Content Architecture



2 Story Design

The Building Blocks



Every distinctive story needs strong images (still and moving), strong metaphors, its own language, its own graphics, its own tone; and a messaging framework



3 Story Activation

The Experience



Every strong story wants to be heard: Content production and storytelling for activation both internally and externally; via classical and digital channels.

Only when we move people do we set them in motion.





A few current working examples.



Filabé, an innovative Swiss cosmetic brand

Free people and the environment of traditional cosmetics that are always based on cream; Filabé works without cream and therefore completely without additives.

Building a brand that carries a completely new story into cosmetics; the brand therefore breaks new ground in every respect and sees itself as an enabler of people who break new ground.

Story Strategy; Story Design (logo, CI / CD, packaging, visual world/imagery, wordings, tonality, service design); Story activation (internally, externally) 

Filabé has won a dominant market position in certain market segments in less than four years in Switzerland.





Canon Employer Brand

To empower employees to design their careers and work-life balances in a more individual way.

Creation of a videographic framework that delivers Canon a toolbox to address new people in the talent market.

We involved a team of Canon employees (starting with the CEO) for the design and implementation of the videographic concept which brought our campaign claim to life: “Be the director of your life!”; The deliverables include story architecture; Story design with a story playbook; Story activation (internally).  

The brand purpose of the Canon Employer Brand is not only asserted, but made tangible. The conceptual framework is used consistently.





Visit ETH

To open ETH to international visitors. To turn the Campus into a point of interest and to lower the threshold for those interested.

Designing a new, additional communication channel of the ETH. Create and produce content; make the platform a popular communication tool internally.

Story Architecture; Story Design with a Story Playbook, a manual that guides different stakeholders in their daily work for and with the platform.  

The platform has only just launched. Community growth will be tackled once the platform is established internally.





Vitra and Teo Jakob

Both companies want to make a consultative and design-driven contribution to a growing healthcare market.

Initiate an interdisciplinary exchange in the healthcare market, which allows the two companies to contribute as interested partners, to open a dialogue, to learn with each other and thus to initiate a healthcare ecosystem.

Story Architecture; Story Design (Workshop; Green Book; Sales Pitch); Story Activation (internally) 

The initiative, which is initiated on an executive level, is welcomed by the sales people and recognized as an opportunity because the results are made tangible (sales pitch). .







One of our focal points:
Strategic Communication for Family Businesses


For 26 years By Heart has been working time and again for family businesses in a wide variety of sectors, from B2B to B2C, from industry to FMCG, from retail to service. Over these long years we have become increasingly convinced that family businesses have a number of advantages in the great challenges of our time. They only have to recognise and operationalise them. We have developed a thesis paper on this subject, which we are working with today and which we would be happy to share with you. Feedback welcome!


Download our thesis paper (German version)






“Tell a good story
and people will realize who you are.

Tell an even better story
and people will recognise themselves in it.”


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